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2016-17 Fair Share Commitment


Our finance committee and the Board of Directors have worked diligently to manage our budget to ensure that our synagogue remains financially viable. Nevertheless, it still costs money to provide the basic services our members expect to receive from Temple Emanuel. Our budgeted cost of operation in 2016-17 will amount to $2728 per family.

You can help continue Temple Emanuel'™s tradition of providing a warm and nurturing environment for families by pledging this amount. We strongly encourage you to pledge more to help sustain TE.

Please complete this form, sign it and submit it by no later than August 1, 2016 to Temple Emanuel, with your preferred schedule of payments (monthly or single payment). If you would like to make an alternative schedule of payments after the initial payment is processed, please indicate this on the form below and the bookkeeper will be in touch with you to make appropriate arrangements.

If you have any questions, please don'™t hesitate to contact:

Melissa Perkal, President

Len Farber, Treasurer

Thank you for your continuing commitment to Temple Emanuel!

We encourage you to contribute more if possible, so that no family will ever be denied membership because it cannot afford to pay.


You will be able to enter the recurring payment information below.

If you have selected an alternative payment plan, please leave your comments here, including as much detail as possible.

Yes $36.00

ARZA is the single largest supporter of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) and the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC). Your membership allows ARZA to continue this important work.

Thank you for your continued support of the Temple Emanuel Community

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